Thursday, January 15, 2009

Blog #2

Jack Selzer's essay "The Composing Processes of an Engineer" is an in depth and well constructed look into the total composition process of Chicago engineer Kenneth Nelson. Aside from his statements detailing his personal research, interviews, and time spent with Nelson Selzer has so meticulously detailed the start to finish of Nelson's writing that it would be difficult to fabricate. Selzer has very closely analyzed how Nelson plans, outlines, drafts, and edits his various memo's, reports, and proposals. Selzer makes sure to reference specific writings that Nelson composes as well as previous writings that he uses as reference and in some cases actual content of the proposal he is currently working on. 

Selzer shows his own extensive research and analytical abilities in his essay. It is interesting to see how Selzer's narrative of Nelson's writing process mirrors his own. He obviously took very extensive notes through observations and interviews with his subject. He used his findings to create an essay that fully elaborates on the very intricate process of an engineer and his methodical composition process.

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  1. Great points about Selzer's "statements detailing his personal research, interviews, and time spent with Nelson" and his efforts "to reference specific writings that Nelson composes." You're right on target here concerning two important aspects of ethnography--the need to gather these types of details and then the need to incorporate these types of details into the report.