Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Blog #5

For this activity I decided to reexamine Lester Faigley's Social Perspective essay. With nearly 40 cited documents Faigley takes full advantage of intertextuality. He uses prior texts related to his field of study to establish the "Individual Perspective", the "Textual Perspective", and the "Social Perspective". He uses these references to show how well established the individual and textual perspectives are and how while it has been recognized how the social perspective is the least explored. 
He goes on to use the texts in a indirect way during his explanations of the first two perspectives citing two texts when discussing the textual perspective and  two for the social perspective. Using the intertextuality between these texts and his current writing gave strength to his perception of the two perspectives of research.
While Faigley explains the social perspective and how he may be able to expand upon it and research it for nonacademic purposes he directly quotes several texts to further get his point across. By examining these prior texts he is renewing their relevance and aiding in his own pursuit of researching an under develop school of thought. 

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